Welcome to my online portfolio, my name is Damien Lam, I am currently working as a creature / character modeler for feature films. I am currently based in Vancouver Canada and specialise in design and creation of creatures and characters for stylized and realistic projects. I have produced content for Commercials, Products, Animated and VFX Feature films and have worked on projects like Justice League, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, Black Panther, Aquaman, Fantastic Beasts to name a few. I strive to consistently challenge myself and push the boundaries of quailtiy and creativity.





2014 CG Student Awards - Finalist - Student of the Year

2014 CG Student Awards - Finalist - Oceanic Boot Camp.

2013 AIE Construct3d Competition - First Place - Character Model Category.

2013 WD Project SciFi Competition - First Runner Up - Best Promo Award.

2013 DKCG 3DPrint Challenge - Runner Up



Damien Lam

+1 778 870 7324

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